A New Frontier for Learner’s Edge!

We are an interesting group here at The Edge.  We are certainly passionate about what we do, and are constantly interested in adding depth and intrigue to the area of educational professional development.  We are a tight-knit “family,” and we have a great office environment.  We are also a goofy bunch, and the people here are crazy awesome.

For these, and many other reasons, Learner’s Edge has landed smack dab in the middle of the blogosphere, and created Chalk Blog.

The wealth of experience and brain power here is worth sharing: we have decades of educational experience in teaching (K-12, ECFE, and administration), and we’re all education junkies – we bleed chalk and dry erase marker.  But, we also want to show you our more creative and personable side.  On our staff we have avid readers, writers, and musicians.  We have gardeners and cyclists and motorcyclists.  We have fans of David Cassidy, ABBA and Taio Cruz (however, no one is a fan of all three).  Four of us have tried skydiving (only one of us will never do it again).  One of us is a trained storm spotter (but is terrified of tornadoes), we have a large contingent of animal lovers in the office, and several of us can do voice impersonations.  See?  We are a varied bunch.

But wait…there’s more!

Many of our classes are inspired by who we are.  One member of our staff has her K-12 reading licensure, so many of our literacy courses are inspired by her leadership.  Many of us love reading and recognize the desire to work with independent subject matters: the iCourse and Book Study/Text Seminar options were founded.  Finally, a member of our staff was punched in the shoulder by his bass-playing “stand partner” in junior high band.  Course 712 – Sticks and Stones: The No Bully Zone was born.

You’ll see a wide variety of interesting stuff here – articles, tools, cartoons, topics, resources, and lots of original writing from yours truly, Dawn.  Since you will be visiting frequently (you WILL, won’t you?), I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know a little about me.

I am relatively new to The Edge, after teaching secondary English literature and composition for eleven years.  My parents and brother are teachers, and so it’s no surprise I loved it, and thrived – I saw it as a calling, and thought I would retire in teaching.  I spent most of my time in a ninth grade interdisciplinary class creating curriculum and being in love with the age group.  My time became more and more crunched as I worked to learn new things and share them with my classes.  After a lot of soul searching and discussions with my husband, and becoming pregnant with our first child, I realized that I would need a career shift so that I could spend lots of my time and energy with my growing family.  I applied, and Learner’s Edge offered me a position!  I have been a fan of The Edge for a while now; as a former customer and educator, I think we have a great thing going in the education world.

So here I am!  We really do hope you enjoy this facet of The Edge.  We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

Have a fantastic day!



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One Response to A New Frontier for Learner’s Edge!

  1. dawn, this is *fabulous!* you’re an excellent writer and i’m so looking forward to reading more! and, of course, i must know: who sky dives?! 🙂

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