Donuts: A Hug from a Higher Power

Food is a great community builder.  Anyone who has brought food into the faculty lounge knows that it’s gone in a matter of seconds.  This morning we experienced a HUGE community builder here.

Last weekend I experienced Granny Donuts, which is a hole in the wall donut shop in my neighborhood.  The story is great – an immigrant comes to Wyoming and asks a donut shop owner to give him a chance to work hard.  With the owner’s blessing, the guy moves East (didn’t make it further than Minnesota, I guess) and opens Granny Donuts, using what he learned in his apprenticeship.  To say the donuts are phenomenal is an understatement, and once you have patronized Granny Donuts, you will never buy a donut from a gas station again.  Seriously.  Krispy Kreme doesn’t exist around here anymore, and it’s a good thing: they are a shadow of what these Granny Donuts are.  One might even go so far as to suggest that Granny Donuts had a hand in Krispy Kreme leaving.

When I suggested yesterday that I stop by and pick up donuts for folks this AM, anyone interested threw in a dollar, and I got a list of extremely specific orders.  Donut Guy was very personable, and he threw in a bunch of donuts without charging me.  “Best donuts for 23 years,” he said, pointing at a worn copy of an op-ed piece from the local paper.  “Other stores are MOUNTAINS!  We are just an ant.  But best donuts!  23 years!” We shook hands and made introductions, and I thanked him for making such a great product.

The folks around here went crazy for them, and I daresay that I’ll be stopping by to get donuts in the future.  People were jazzed when I made my deliveries around the office.  Donuts, especially highly sought after donuts, were the ticket to starting a day off right.  Coworkers with smiles stopped by my desk to thank me.

Sure, it’s “free food” in the faculty lounge, but it’s a connection to the community as a whole.  We do this stuff for each other – even if we are simply bringing extra to be eaten.  Food feeds a community, but generosity certainly helps to sustain it. Besides, those stale pretzels are GOLD to someone.

Bon Appetit,

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2 Responses to Donuts: A Hug from a Higher Power

  1. Tom says:

    That sense of community is so important to social creatures like humans. I know I feel involved when Matt at the hardware store welcomes me by name. Same with my barber and Jamie at the liquor store, but maybe that’s revealing a little too much right there. But don’t you find yourself talking to more people in one trip to the farmer’s market than an entire year shopping at Rainbow? So yeah, I think you’re right to remind us to connect to a community; the kids we teach are seeking that same validation and involvement though they may not label it as such. And people who are involved in their community are more likely to take care and nurture it. We just need to remember that like the donut guy, we’re here for the customer, they’re not here for us.
    Wouldn’t it be cool if politicians remembered that?

  2. jm says:

    A good start. Interesting topic.

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