Naming the Chalk Blog

We tried really hard to come up with a perfect name for our company blog.  The bestowing of a name is tricky, depending on how many people are involved.
Naming my dog was easy – we had just moved into a house and found the will and deed of the original owner, Eugene Hurley, in the walls of the basement.  We thought Hurley would be a perfect name for our dog, and so Hurley was named, and it was good.
Naming my new car was easy – it’s a RAV, it’s Barcelona Red, and it’s sassy.  I named her Rosario, and it was good.
Naming my husband’s and my child was a challenge for a while (I wasn’t interested in “Pistachio”), but after we stopped sharing our choices with everyone else, we were left with our top 3 for a girl and top 2 for a boy.  Since we are waiting to meet the child at the end of September, we will name it one of those names, and it will be good.
Naming the blog?  Nowhere near as easy.
The process of assigning a name to someone or something is painstaking, because everyone views the possible name with their biases.  There was a process involved – we asked everyone on staff and we asked our Facebook peeps.  We ruminated, examined, haggled and discussed.  We laughed, we cried, we meditated.  We gave speeches, hurt our brains, and begged for more opinions, although we had to limit our queries to folks who were tied, in some way, to The Edge.

We didn’t ask Forest, the office dog – she was more focused on the treat I was holding to make a decision.

We didn’t ask the KFC people, with whom I don’t like to admit I am rather familiar (we have one less than a block away), even though they are really nice folks and all.  Chicken is serious business, and we didn’t want to bother them with our quandary.

We also didn’t ask the mailperson, the personal trainer who offices and power walks near us, or the chiropractor in the building next to us (although he reminded us to sit up straight).

We were left sitting and looking at each other, and we prevailed.  We ended up, thanks to many of you, with a decent list of possibilities, which we then narrowed down to a few, and then finally, to one: Chalk Blog. Go, Lenny Lewis from Facebook!
Chalk Blog was our choice because it ties the old to the new – chalk, with a blog.  It represents the direction to which we would like to take our company: to honor our tradition and roots, and to embrace our online presence.  We can’t wait to show you more of who we are, and hope to become!
Long live the Chalk Blog!

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