Tools We Love: Technology 101

OMG.  Don’t look now, but there are probably students with PDAs in your classroom, IM-ing and LOL-ing away.  Probably with TMI.  And you, BTW?  You are in the dark.  IKR?  TTYL.
(the key to this is listed below my email address, BTW.)

Because of this clearly disturbing language gap, we feel it necessary to offer you some comfort, clarity, and confidence.

Chalk Blog will be offering some technology tips occasionally that will be immediately applicable in classrooms everywhere. We also know that some of you might be a little new to the game, so we offer this for an inaugural “Tools We Love” submission.

There are a few resources online that we like, that can help clear up all the terminology and purpose-confusion of all the “new-fangled” stuff out there.
Technology for Teachers– a glossary of some common terms
OMG! Teachers Say Texting Can be Good for Teens
Messaging for Teachers – a Glossary

Have a Super-Cyber Day!

OMG= Oh my gosh
PDA= Personal Digital Assistant
IM= Instant Messaging
LOL= Laugh out loud
BTW= By the way
IKR= I know, right?
TTYL= Talk to you later

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