Tools We Love- Google Docs

I gotta say – I am crazy about Google Docs.  This is one of many Google applications I will be highlighting on Chalk Blog.  This one is especially great because it is free (much like many of the tools to be shown on this blog).

Check out this fabulous video, “Google Docs in Plain English”, which gives an overview of how Google Docs can be used.

There are amazing things you can do with this tool, many of which are huge benefits to teachers.  (This would also be a FANTASTIC TOOL for NaNoWriMo, which I talked about on Monday)

  • No more, “My printer is broken.”  Google Docs allows the user to save to a space online, and so it’s accessible from any Internet connection.
  • The example I’ve shown below is from the word processing format (which behaves much like Word), but there are also tools in Google Docs for spreadsheets and presentations (like PowerPoint).
  • Editing and collaboration possibilities abound.  Because you can share this document with other Gmail users (and you can sign up for a free account using your Yahoo, Hotmail or other address), other people invited can edit in real time.  This feature makes group projects and presentations a breeze for students of all ages.

Below, you will find a screenshot of what the main Google Docs page looks like:

This is a shot of the word processing program.  As you can see, it looks a lot like many word processing programs you may have worked with before.  Just a quick tour will show you how easy it all can be!

Give it a try!  Share your stories on using this great tool in your classroom.

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