Girls and Bullying

It’s also noteworthy that girls are just as involved in bullying, as noted in this video.  Speaking as a female, I know that girls can be extremely cruel if given the chance.  Now, as I have previously mentioned, the infiltration of tech tools makes life extremely difficult for young women as they receive threats and jibes via their phones and Facebook accounts, 24/7.

Women should be sticking up for each other, instead of turning on one another.  Any tried and true ways of teaching girls how to be kind and generous, instead of spiteful and cruel?

Crusading against cruelty,

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4 Responses to Girls and Bullying

  1. aeisenbe says:

    Good point. Not only should women be sticking up for each other, but all of us as a society should not sit idly by as bystanders when we see bullying or someone being treated wrongly.

    We need a return to civility and empathy and be teaching these values in our educational curriculum.

  2. Yes, aeisenbe. It’s becoming more and more difficult to teach this, I think- although it appears that students are trying very hard to stick up for each other. I’d be interested to hear about any initiative that works when it comes to bullying (specific to girls or otherwise) that teachers or districts have employed.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    You made a short but excellent point about the issue of bullying by girls. Bullying by girls is no myth and it is high time people need to acknowledge that girls are capable of becoming bullies. As a former victim of bullying, I can tell you that I was bullied by popular girls (it is no myth either) in both primary (ages from seven to twelve) and secondary schools (the final year) and every now and then, I get angry and upset to hear of girls bullying other girls. If we want to stop bullying by girls, I believe girls need to be parent properly where they need to understand that bullying does not make them more superior or cooler than their victims.

    Last but not least, I will say this once: girls who bully today are tomorrow’s moralless, unethical and corrupted meanettes/frenemies of the workplace, social circles, neighbourhood and in the home.

  4. Thanks for your comment, and I’m so sorry to hear about your experience, whatsaysyou. It’s awful what girls do to each other, and I am grateful that it’s coming to light more and more so that those girls can be dealt with. Respect is a buzz word with teenagers, unfortunately, and it doesn’t sink in unless one of the “cool” girls is suddenly targeted. It’s a matter of simply leaving people alone instead of picking on them, and squelching the urge when it feels like the fun thing to do.

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