I’ve been following NYC Educator, which is a blog by an English teacher working in New York City.  He’s very passionate, and has very interesting subject matters upon which to reflect.

He posted this about plaigarism the other day, and I think his overall question is valid:  how many of us are diligent about it, and how many of us let it slide?  I used to be hyper-vigilant, before I recognized that my searches for plaigarized material doubled my correcting time.  I didn’t want to let it slide, but I honestly didn’t know how to stop the avalanche of cheating behavior that I would undoubtedly discover.  Early on, every time I went through the process of contacting students and parents regarding cheating on homework, tests or papers, I was put through the ringer with any number of excuses, accusations and denials.  I had evidence and school policy behind me, but as many of you know, policy is always meant to be bent and broken.  I was left tired, frustrated, and unwilling to fight those battles so frequently.

What do you think?  How do you handle cheating?  Does your school policy work for you and your students?  In an ideal world, how to manage this issue?

I’d love to hear from you.  Until then, Happy Wednesday!

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