Singing About Science

I love it when I see teachers getting creative about their subject matter, and it’s even better when students are learning more as a result.

Doug Edmonds, a junior high science teacher in Northbrook, IL, sings his way through lessons that he puts on YouTube.  The Chicago Tribune did a story about him – apparently his creative Karaoke performances have reached students around the world who not only find him on YouTube, but use his variations to help them study and remember scientific concepts.

Check out some of Mr. Edmonds’ stuff: The Solutions Song, The Properties Song, and The Chemical Bonds Song are some great examples.  I would have learned so much from this guy!  Thanks so much for your awesome approach, Mr. Edmonds!

Happy Friday,

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2 Responses to Singing About Science

  1. rfrog4 says:

    This guy is awesome! Talk about teaching to multiple intelligences! And by the way, you’re awesome too, Dawn!

  2. Doug Edmonds says:

    Thanks so much for the comment. I am already working on another song. You made my day!
    Doug Edmonds
    Science teacher

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