Deadlines, Deadlines

Guest Blogger Kari Snyder is one of the friendly voices on the other end of the phone here at The Edge – she is a liaison between students and the university partners, and  processes coursework grades (so she knows her stuff!).  She’s the mom of three teenagers, would rather be on the golf course than working (in the summer), and has a slight addiction to Diet Mountain Dew (note this – remember, she processes grades!).

Most people don’t like deadlines.  The big one looming out there now for everyone is April 15th: Tax Day.  Ugh – makes me cringe even thinking about it, so I will move on…

Here at The Edge, April 15th has an entirely different meaning; it’s the deadline for all spring coursework to be in our office.  But I promise – we are much nicer, friendlier, accessible and more lenient than the IRS.  If you need some additional time to complete your coursework, just give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll help plan out an extension for you.

We try to support teachers as much as possible, so I’d also like to offer some advice for another date: June 30th, which is a very common deadline for license renewal. Over the past several years, we’ve seen an influx in teachers waiting until the very last minute to sign up for the credits they need….creating a stressful situation for everyone involved.   To make sure that you aren’t scrambling,  please check your records to see if 2011 is your year to renew your license, and if June 30th is indeed your deadline.  If it is, please register for the spring session, and try to complete your work by April 15.  We usually recommend having your completed work to us at least 45 days prior to your transcript deadline, so waiting until the summer session won’t work with that timeline.  Spring registration ends March 15th, so pick those courses and set yourself up to successfully renew your license!

Deadlines – love them or hate them, they’re a huge part of life.  But if we all work together, we can help you meet your deadlines, and avoid as much stress as possible for you!  Teachers work hard enough – we’re here to help make your life a little easier!

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