Science Fair=Extinct?

It’s hard to believe anything in my lifetime would become obsolete, but now I am beginning to wonder about the longevity of (what I would consider to be) multi-faceted teaching tools and student experiences.

According to this article in the New York Times, Science Fairs are becoming a thing of the past.  Granted, teachers who know their students well might say that some parents are just simply too busy these days to turn out a fantastic project for their child’s Science Fair entry.

But cynicism aside, is this really a dying event? I don’t really have a horse in this race (yet – Jameson’s only 5 months old), but I’m saddened to learn that, as technology becomes more and more accessible and intuitive and research available on a myriad of topics becomes more available, less students are utilizing it to present innovative topics of study to the school community.  Maybe there are different formats and different opportunities for this kind of interaction now… I just hate to see the institution of the Science Fair evaporate.  All sorts of skills- interpersonal, presentation, research, source differentiation, even collaboration- are utilized in events that have or had different levels of competition, even.  What’s next on the axe- Spelling Bees?

Are the rumblings correct?  Do you have a Science Fair in your school?  Should you?  What’s the story on this trend?  Chime in, folks!


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