Seeking Out On-Sites

Lance Raabe is an on-site instructor and an online evaluator for Learner’s Edge.  He teaches social studies (is the department chair) and coaches varsity golf at Bellevue East High School in Omaha, where he lives with his wife and two kids.

I have to admit that for most of my life I’ve been a rule follower.  Show me a rule, and I’m your lemming.  It’s been a pretty good mantra to live by…

Teachers know all about rules and why they need to be followed!  Don’t be late!…Don’t be tardy!…Get your assignment completed on time!….Listen!…Answer!…Move!…Sit down!

Here’s what I like about my on-site courses in Omaha….We break the rules.

In many graduate courses, teachers are required to sit, listen, write, regurgitate, and “get through” a course…Ugghh!  In creating the six courses offered in Omaha, I’ve tried something different.  We don’t sit…we explore; we don’t listen…we learn; we don’t write…we reflect; we don’t regurgitate….we create; and we don’t “get through” the course….we “get something out of” the course.

I’ll be offering 3 “Expanding the Classroom Walls” courses…and three 1.5 day workshop courses.  June will be very busy! (How am I going to find time to golf?….Umm…there’s ALWAYS time for golf…I should be fine)

This summer, we’re planning to break all kinds of rules:

1. We’re going to have fun.  Some students will be taking the “behind the scenes aquarium tour” at the Henry Doorly Zoo….While others will be running onto the football field at the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium.  Last year, several teachers met the coaching staff during our visit!

2. We’re going to try something different.  Some students will be attending “Guys and Dolls” at the Omaha Community Playhouse…While others will be participating in an Improv Comedy Workshop (Don’t worry…it’s spectator friendly!)

3. We’re going to make connections.  Some students will be participating in a distance learning experience with the Smithsonian Museum…While others will be experiencing contemporary art at the Bemis Center.

4. We’re going to think outside the box. In “Classroom of Choice”  and “Coaching and Advising”, we’ll talk about ways to empower our students and give them choices….These classes give teachers the opportunity to do something they’re VERY good at…talk.

5.  We’re reaching new heights…literally. We’re partnering with Outward Bound to bring teachers a teamwork course that “elevates” teachers….through the high ropes adventure course!

That’s it for now…I’m busy getting out the word to teachers about the courses in Omaha….and probably shoveling my driveway (again)…winter!

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