Who Else Wants Summer?

Surprise, surprise – The Edge is getting a little stir crazy about spring and summer.  We have been slammed by snow this winter, and we need to somehow crawl our way out.

For educators, this is the most difficult of the months…if you get a spring break, you are counting down.  If you aren’t lucky enough to get a spring break, you need June to get here.  Now.  What are the best ways you can think of to push through to the next break/season/whatever?  Here’s what we came up with:

  • Open the front door and let the warm sun shine in through the storm door. Then, I bring down a bean bag, plop it right in front of the door and read with my kids while lying in the beautiful sun.
  • Rearrange the furniture
  • Dance party!
  • I purchase my dog park pass for the year, look at the local park and recreation flyers to see what’s offered for spring/summer recreation.
  • Start planning biking trips on the great trails that this beautiful state has to offer.
  • Count every day as a step closer to warmer days and longer nights.   Have you noticed the time of sunset??  You should if you haven’t!
  • I always buy tulips this time of year.  Just screams spring.
  • I usually open all the curtains right away in the morning to get as much light in the house as possible.  I know that I’ll be able to get outside to walk when the days have more hours of sunlight.
  • Promised myself (again this year) that in the fall I WILL plant tulip bulbs this year so that I can enjoy the very first sign of spring- blooms of colorful tulips in my yard
  • Cleaning closets…..then when the weather FINALLY turns nice in Minnesota I can be outside instead of inside cleaning!
  • Pedicure…complete with bright pink polish….so I’m ready to sport flip flops as soon as snow recedes to less than 1 foot!

Whaddya got?

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