Reading Edge-Style

Although it seems like it, we’re not always working our tails off – some folks here at The Edge like to unwind with a good read.  Here, in our own words, is what pages we are turning these days…

Jenny – My night stand is a convoluted mess. I like to have a multitude of options based on my mood. Here are my most frequently grabbed reads:  Roses by Leila Meacham – a big, heavy beautiful fiction book that is an easy, enjoyable read.  Religions – a DK book that gives the basics and backgrounds of religions from around the globe.  God is Not Great (Hitchens)– A book about religions and their impact on the world as we know it. Angels Everywhere- Miracles and Messages (Valentine) – short stories about how angels are at work every day. Hmmm…can you tell I am dealing with lots of questions from a pre-teen child about religion? Worldwide religions are something I know very little about; you’re never too old to learn!

Cheryl–  Women’s Health Magazine – very useful health tips…not so far out there stuff that you need your own personal trainer or personal chef to make the meals/foods they suggest.  Also, do Facebook statuses from your 18 year old daughter (who is 4 hours away at college) count?

Deb– While in FL almost finished Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.  The fact that I almost finished a book is awesome – never usually make time for it in the regular schedule.

JulieThe Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins—the futuristic plot throws you headlong into heroine Katniss’s world. You will enjoy her gutsy yet vulnerable character.  I am in the midst of the third book as I write. Girl in Translation, Jean Kwok—mother and daughter travel from Hong Kong to the city of Lady Liberty, only to find themselves living in the slums of Brooklyn.  Told through the lens of the 11  year old daughter, whom you will love and silently cheer for as she weaves her way through school and life in America.

Terri–  Lately I have been reading a weekly magazine, Woman’s World.  I enjoy it because of the mini mystery, recipes and household tips.  I always do the crossword puzzle and the Sudoku each week.  During the summer I like to read more paperbacks – mysteries or romance.  I’m also reading our local Twin Cities newspapers and my hometown newspaper online.

Joe –  I’m currently reading Minnesota Twins: The Complete Illustrated History (Brackin), a must read for all Twins fans,  and I hope to finish Daniel Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

Dawn – midway through The Brambles, by Eliza Minot – beautifully written, family-centered story.  I love reading characters who read like I think….which is also why I am reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (phenomenal).  I also just finished Half Broke Horses, by The Glass Castle author Jeannette Walls.  It was written from the perspective of her maternal grandmother, Lily Casey Smith – a woman who lived a full and lively life in the West as a rancher and a teacher, among many other vocations.  Phenomenal voice, fascinating subject. I also am reading my plethora of seed catalogs in preparation for planting season!

Tamie – I love to read and I am so sad I haven’t been doing it lately!  I love Janet Evanovitch’s books with Stephanie Plum.  Super fun and easy reads!

Teresa -I recently read Nicholas Sparks’ Dear John. I really enjoyed the book!  I liked that John and Savannah agreed to look at the moon when they were apart, so they could remember all the moments they had spent together.  Also, it would make them feel like they were together again at that moment.

WendyBergdorf Blondes (Sykes)!  It’s my guilty pleasure read after spending months reading journal articles in preparation for my oral exams!

SusieGirl in Translation by Jean Kwok and The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.

Kyle– Book I’m loving:  Deeper than Darwin, by John Haught –  Thoughtful look at the interplay of evolution and religion, examining what evolution can claim–and what it can’t.  I actually had Amazon ship me about a half dozen of Haught’s books because this first one is so well-written and provocative.  I’m also really enjoying the Atlantic Monthly:  the most recent issue has a fascinating article on mind vs machine–whether the most advanced AI (artificial intelligence) computers can act “more human” than a person.

Stay tuned!  We’ll talk about what we are listening to sometime soon!

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