SusieGuest Blogger Susanne Deitermann is the Director of Evaluation and Assessment at The Edge, and has been with us for four years.  She is an avid fitness enthusiast, and loves good movies, books, and snacks.

Along with my other responsibilities at the Edge, I, along with Dawn, evaluate coursework.

When we can no longer see our desks, or see straight, we call in our staff evaluators to help us get through the crazy –end of session –evaluation days.  Each and every one of our staff evaluators hold master’s degrees and are licensed teachers.  The busiest session is our summer session. From the end of July until early September, we are swimming in distance learning coursework, and we love it. It’s a good ‘problem’ to have.

As evaluators, we see it all…

We see everything.  We even have a list of “celebrities” who take our classes.   People like: Bill Gates, Robert Kennedy, Barbara Bush, Michael Vick, and Linda Carter.  Most recently, we had Sarah Jessica Parker enroll in Course 855: What Great Teachers Do.  Go, Carrie Bradshaw, go!

We see everything.  We see coursework that has very W   I   D  E margins, and it makes us wonder…We see coursework with AMAZINGLY LARGE FONT and we wonder…

But, we prefer to focus on teachers’ whose work absolutely amazes, stuns, and leaves our mouths hanging open.  I have found myself running around the office saying “Look at this!  You’ve got to see this, this is brilliant!”

And we wonder…Do the people who make decisions for educators, the people who say teachers are overpaid and underworked…have they SEEN the work that many teachers do?

The work that stuns us, and makes us feel so proud to be in education is the work that was the genesis for our Learner’s Edge iCourse.   If you don’t know about our iCourse, take a look and learn more about it.  You can earn graduate credit for the amazing and brilliant work that you do.

Each and every day, we are amazed at the time and effort that is put into the coursework that crosses our desks and for that we thank you.

Thank you for teaching our children.

In the meantime, we will continue to read, evaluate, and enjoy each and every piece of coursework that crosses our desks.

But, don’t try to fool us.

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