Thank Your Mom, Thank a Teacher

Guest Blogger Karin is the Office Manager at Learner’s Edge, and truly knows everything. She’s addicted to HGTV, DIY Network and home improvement projects in general, she loves fishing, hunting and the outdoors, and she owns a Standard Poodle (but let’s be honest…most people wouldn’t admit this).

I’ve been thinking about my mom lately.  Maybe it’s because I have been hearing so much about teachers these days.  Maybe it’s just because as I get older I have a better appreciation for her.  Whatever the reason….I just wanted to share.

My mom was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, but when I sit down and really think about who she was and still is, most of all she’s a teacher.

She taught me right from wrong, she taught me to tie my shoes…all those things moms do.  But more importantly, she is still teaching me…. to be a good mom, a good mate, a good neighbor, a good friend.

My mom has been teaching in some fashion her whole life.  She had a teaching degree.  A license to teach.  She taught pre-school through high school.  She started two schools from nothing.  She was the principal, the teacher, the janitor.  She ate, breathed and slept teaching.

I watched her outline color pages with yarn in the evening on her own time for the blind girl in her kindergarten class so she could color with the rest of the kids and not go out of the lines, which allowed her to be a regular kid in the classroom.  Of course she had helpers and tutors and needs beyond my mother’s knowledge, but I know that her teacher that year was my mom.

Mom tells me stories about letters she gets from kids she taught in Sunday school who are now married with children of their own.  She tells these stories with a smile and she knows she made an impact, a difference.  Teachers do that.  They impact our lives.

She taught whatever needed to be taught.  My mother went from teaching kids their ABC’s to teaching adults how to paint, how to sew, how to quilt.  She has always had a passion for being in front of the class.  No matter the subject, no matter the age of her audience.  She is an educator.

My mom is 75 yrs. old this year and she’s still teaching.   She can’t stop.  This is and has always been her passion, her drive, her calling.

I am grateful for my mom.  She has made me grateful for my teachers and my son’s teachers.  I have learned a respect for the profession that some will never know.  After all, I couldn’t have put up with me in high school.  I’m thankful that I had teachers that saw past my exterior and had the passion, the drive, the calling that my mom had.   It’s not easy being a teacher in any forum.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.  Thank you, mom, thank you to all the educators out there.  From classrooms to boardrooms, no matter the subject, no matter the age of your audience.  Thank you!

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