What an Education-Free World…

Facebook and emails are amazing tools.
It allows one to throw a question out for debate, and people can respond relatively quickly.  On a day I was feeling rather fed up with people trashing teachers, I posted this question in my email to other Edge-ites, and to my Facebook peeps:
“What would the world, and specifically our country, be like if there wasn’t an education system?”

Here are their eloquent answers (and only a few of them are teachers!):

Theresa: To give young people a chance to expand their knowledge, take healthy risks, learn how to work with others, learn from mistakes, read things they might not read on their own.

Carrie – We would revert back to a non-industrialized nation. Eek.
Amanda: An educated workforce directly relates to a reduction in crime, is the basis of a good economy and a strong middle-class.
David –  Education would revert to the free market…no system means only those who could afford it would get education…or the best education. There would be huge differences in the quality of education based on class, and would be harder for poor people to move out of their current state.

Terra- In order for our next generation to be competitive with other countries we must not only have just an educational system, but one that is preparing our children to be successful, thoughtful and imaginative innovators.

Tom –  We’d have lords and peasants.  No strong middle class.

Emily: Having an education system is essential in order to stay competitive or have ANY chance in a global economy. As we have seen, we have outsourced so many jobs due to lack of competitive training.   I can’t imagine NO education system in place. We would fall off the map. The “opportunity for all” ideal would become “opportunity for few” and everything in turn would be affected. Education creates opportunity for all things, and the absence of a system would have a trickle down effect into how businesses operate and communities organize. Decisions about how to make up the lack of a system would be made by households…some which, may not place their top value into education. Children would be at the mercy of their parents to decide what their promise would be.  I’d rather not think about it anymore! yikes..

Nick – Brave Newer World: the sequel.

Thomas – There will always be an education system. But without a formal system with schools, teachers, etc. then fathers will teach sons, mothers will teach daughters, and we will be doing the same work a…s our parents – whether that’s being a butler, cook, or candle-maker. Forget technology – that implies math and scientific knowledge. I’m sure there are some countries where this model of non-education takes place – and that’s probably the one thing that sets a country like the US apart from some other nations.

Dorothy – The rich will buy an education and the poor will not know what they have missed.
Michelle – A lack of education system would give us the same situation as a lack of health care system: millions of poor children would go without and cost the government/taxpayers billions more in reacting to the problems that could have been prevent…ed. Education is preventive care! If you can’t afford it and society doesn’t provide it, you go without. Those in the middle class would spend huge percentages of their income to educate their children. Money that they then won’t be able to spend to send their kids to college, buy homes, buy cars, invest, etc. Either that, or one spouse will have to stay home to educate the children, thus cutting the work force down and slowing down economic growth. Americans will pay way more than their foreign counterparts for the same product and have no bargaining power against major corporations whose main goal will be to make a profit for their shareholders not provide quality education.
Anne Marie – Because without a system, education would be limited to the most powerful individuals (male, etc)

Terri:  I believe our country would become chaotic.  The economy of the U.S. would be in turmoil and become unstable without properly educated people to guide our gov’t, investments/trading, construction of buildings & roads.  Businesses may fail without properly educated employees.

Karin-The world would be self-made (for those with the drive to learn on their own), and at a stalemate (after all, without someone to teach and pass things on, how would we move forward?).
Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Well said, comrades.

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  1. What a great question and set of responses!

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