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Royal! Wedding! OMG!!

I don’t care about the Royals. I get kinda excited, though, when I see potential good Role Models. Continue reading

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Knit Wit

It was an unconscious side effect that they were able to self-evaluate their level of engagement; I believe it came from me being honest and open with them about my own inabilities to pay attention sometimes. Continue reading

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We Remember Our Teachers

To all of the teachers who stay, to all of the teachers who go, to the teachers who read to us, challenge us, and show up each day. To the teachers who staple magazine covers to the ceiling, who listen to us, encourage us, and help us to believe in ourselves. To the teachers who drive Harleys, button our coats, tie our shoes, wipe our noses, and patiently show us. To the teachers who help make us brave, empathize, show us the way, and steer our paths. Continue reading

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Facebook Fast

n a previous post entitled TV Turnoff Week, I suggested that maybe we should look at giving up Facebook or even our laptops. Continue reading

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Challenging the Traditional Read

The way I can hold and turn pages of a book shouldn’t be enough reason for me NOT to get an e-reader, right? Continue reading

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Earth Day Turns 40!

Kids are lucky – they have grown up in a world that is very conscious of the environment, and they already do things in their routines that help in the effort. To them, we have always recycled. Regardless, it’s important that we continue that awareness, and show children that their actions do make an impact. Continue reading

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TV Turnoff Week

Although the website’s not really fancy, the folks behind TV Turnoff Week have a simple, but great idea going. Turn off your TV for a full week. Do something else with that time. What’s the downside? You learn new activities? You spend face-to-face time? You play a non-electronic (gasp!) board game? YES. DO IT. If you don’t like it, you can always turn the TV back on again after 7 days of trying. Continue reading

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