Earth Day Turns 40!

The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day will be on April 22.  In honor of this upcoming celebration, I am writing this post in my favorite color of GREEN.

Like it?  I do.

As I alluded to when I posted about National Poetry Day, I am not good at following through when it comes to important dates, holidays and awareness months.  Earth Day is no exception.  However, I am all about making sure that our young people do understand how important it is that we are aware of our world, and what our existence does to it.   Stewardship might be a buzz word at the moment, but the concept is far from trendy- it’s necessary.   It seems so daunting to try to fix what is causing the environment to suffer, but there’s a lot we can do as individuals, and as communities.  Here are just a very few resources I have found helpful for myself, and for sharing with young people:

Kids are lucky – they have grown up in a world that is very conscious of the environment, and they already do things in their routines that help in the effort.  To them, we have always recycled.  Regardless, it’s important that we continue that awareness, and show children that their actions do make an impact.

Enjoy the day celebrating Mother Earth!

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2 Responses to Earth Day Turns 40!

  1. Once again, I find connections in the way we think.
    hmmm…maybe my posts “Frugality” and “Frugality II” may resonate with you.
    I love the green, btw.

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