Royal! Wedding! OMG!!

DawnI did not get up at 3 AM to watch the wedding, although I wanted to see what the bride was wearing.

She has impressed me.  Not because she is marrying the future king, or because she is gorgeous.  Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has impressed me because she and William have shown, at least a little bit, that they are a classy team.

These two are using their influence to buck some pretty steeped traditions, which I can appreciate.  Kate and William are poised, seemingly deferential, and trying very hard (in my opinion) to be real.  They wanted donations to charity instead of wedding gifts, and they don’t need servants.  I’m not suggesting that this is everything.  I am suggesting that young people could learn a thing or two from watching the young couple: grace under pressure, humility, good taste…class.

I don’t care about the Royals.  I get kinda excited, though, when I see potentially good Role Models.


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