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Thank You, Those Who Have Served

Lots of responses to Memorial Day: “Wait, what?” “Whoo hoo! Day off!” “Family camping trip!” “Sorry, Dawn- you can’t really have a birthday party because everyone’s out of town.” (Sorry. Childhood trauma.) Seriously, though – it’s such a beautiful and … Continue reading

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I still get fidgety and giggle fearfully every time I am presented with something beyond basic math functions (finding percentages still makes me twitch). Continue reading

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Limping to the Finish Line

No homework was getting turned in. Students were tardy constantly, even though I always reported them. The smell of teen sweat and a lot of body-odor-concealing products was palpable. Continue reading

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Chalk Blog Hits 100!

Yet another milestone in ChalkBlog’s brief history – our 100th post! Thanks for taking the time to read us and comment!  Hopefully we have been filling your minds and hearts with good stuff.  What else would you like to see … Continue reading

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If you are the type of teacher who learns best by doing, talking, visiting, networking and being around others, our summer on-site courses will leave you feeling connected and revitalized! Continue reading

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Money and the Lack Thereof

Teachers don’t go into teaching for the money (I’ve mentioned that before, and if I am wrong, I hope you’ll tell me), but to work with students. To help mold generations. It’s awfully hard to do that without money to purchase instructional aids, the base of which is a computer. Continue reading

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In Which Teacher Takes Down a Football Player

Interestingly enough, my classroom management and discipline soared when I became more secure in my ability to teach – when I could present engaging and relevant material. Continue reading

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