If you are the type of teacher who learns best by doing, talking, visiting, networking and being around others, our summer on-site courses will leave you feeling connected and revitalized!

This summer, we are offering ten different on-site courses in three cities

In the Twin Cities, we are offering our top three best sellers!

They include our mental health course (a Minnesota requirement), “Fun”damentals of Learning (how to use movement activities in the classroom), and Teachers Matter!— a course that will help you learn to rejuvenate and recharge after a long year of teaching and LOVED by teachers!

In Chicago, we are offering a course called Expanding the Classroom Walls.  This course will take you in and around Chicago to check out some of the Windy City’s hidden treasures.  One day you will meet at “The Bean” in Millenium Park, while other days will be filled with different adventures!  You will meet teachers from the Chicago area, and by the end of the week you will have made many new friends and colleagues.

Our ‘Pied Piper’ of Omaha, Lance, will facilitate six on-site courses there this summer.  Three of the classes are Expanding the Classroom Walls I, II, and III, along with a coaching course, a course on creating the classroom of choice, and our newest course offering “Learning the Ropes.”  The “Ropes” course is in partnership with Outward Bound, and if all goes well, we may offer more of this course next year in all three cities!

Our summer on-sites were the first courses Learner’s Edge ever offered.  We love our on-site courses and we just KNOW you will too!

Register by May 27th to receive the Early Bird Discount!

Sign up and have a little fun with us this summer!

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