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Spit Spot!

I watched Mary Poppins last weekend for the first time in perhaps 25 years – maybe more. Continue reading

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Doing a Job Right

I believe it’s like that with everything when it comes to parenting.
It’s difficult to understand until you’re there. Continue reading

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Skills, Values and Loving Our Kids

As a parent, I want to be the one my kids look to in understanding the value of hard work. I want to be the one they look to for advice on personal finance (okay, maybe I need to pull in an outside resource for this one), I want to be the one who instills the desire in my children to be life-long learners and to read and think critically. Continue reading

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School Lunch Redux

In yet another blog I follow called Reflections of a Techie, yet another teacher reflects upon school lunches and whether their content is as healthy as it should be.  My lunches in school looked suspiciously like the one in the … Continue reading

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Involved Parent

There are the purchasing opportunities which could fall under the category of require-itunities…. the gear and the photos. Any IP knows you need the proper gear to sit on the sidelines of your child’s event. I have cheer sweatshirts and buttons that deem me “Abby’s Mom”, hockey gear that labels me “Harrison’s Mom”, a new Nikon to capture all the memories, a video camera with more footage than a CBS mini series, as well as professional photographs of every team my kids have ever been a part of. Continue reading

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Play 1st

This school isn’t considering doing away with recess, but moving the monkey bars/foursquare time to before lunch to aid in digestion and healthy eating. Continue reading

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Partners in Crime

Team teaching is a delicate balance; it should be respected and attempted only by those who are truly invested in both the process AND the outcome. Continue reading

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