Dinosaur Librarians?

Seth Godin’s piece about librarians is pretty scary AND it knells a toll of truth.  It certainly encapsulates the shifts within the academic world.  What we need to do in order to keep libraries open and relevant might be exactly the same formula for keeping our schools open and relevant: shift the focus.  Be accessible where patrons need accessibility.  Change with the times.  Know what is needed for the future, and embrace it within your organization.  Be open.  Be ready.  Understand that it’s about meeting the needs of the public, of the masses, of the learners.

Anyone else read this?  What do you think?  Am I drawing too thin a comparison, or is there merit in examining this issue further?


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2 Responses to Dinosaur Librarians?

  1. We have parallel thoughts this morning. I want to encourage colleagues to try new technologies, take time to learn them, take time to build the repertoire of materials needed to enhance instruction. hmmm…visit my “ANGEL: An Opportunity for Instructional Design”. Again, not plugging, just saying. Curious what you think.

    • Loved your post, Georgette! When we were looking at platforms for our online program, we looked at ANGEL. It didn’t completely suit our needs, but it’s certainly a wonderful resource!

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