Play 1st

Recess for me was always a little difficult- I wasn’t very athletic, and would rather have been inside and reading.  However, I now appreciate its importance, and feel like folks are missing the boat by shortening this precious time for students to MOVE!

This school isn’t considering doing away with recess, but moving the monkey bars/foursquare time to before lunch to aid in digestion and healthy eating.  What do you think? Has your school considered such a thing?

Speaking of recess, many of you are on your 3-month one.  Enjoy!

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One Response to Play 1st

  1. Tom Butler says:

    I know several schools that have done this. In every case, the principal and teachers say that the students are more settled to eat their lunch (rather than throw half away to get more playground time) and more focused for their afternoon classes. It seems to be working.

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