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Know People

I have to make more of an effort to meet eyes, exchange pleasantries and extend courteous gestures to others, because such understood methods of social interactions are now few and far between. Continue reading

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Blogging and ELL

Love love LOVE this article that talks about ways blogging can engage ELL students! So many good ideas – and most of all, watching students come out of their shell. Continue reading

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New Standardized Testing

Is there ANY standardized testing that is good? Continue reading

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Toy Envy

During my teaching days, I often shook my head in dismay at all my students who drove nicer cars than I did, who had nicer clothes and gadgets and everything than I had when I was growing up. I vowed I would not be that parent. Continue reading

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The Value of Caring

I’ve looked into the eyes of people who care, and I’ve also looked into the eyes of people who do not know how to care. There’s a huge difference.  Those who care offer up a warmth, a depth, and a … Continue reading

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Google +

I have no idea what this world is coming to. Continue reading

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Big “Buts”

I know I talk a lot about how we have to make sure we use technology in schools, and I say that knowing that there’s a lot of resistance out there from a variety of sources. Continue reading

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