Big “Buts”

"Everyone I know has a big 'but.'"

I know I talk a lot about how we have to make sure we use technology in schools, and I say that knowing that there’s a lot of resistance out there from a variety of sources.  Authors Will Richardson and Rob Mancabelli address this in an overview of their training found on ASCD Inservice, entitled “Resistance is Fertile Ground For Change.”  I think there’s some good stuff here – and it may help break down some of the barriers for your school.  Check it out!

Happy Tuesday! 

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One Response to Big “Buts”

  1. Tom Butler says:

    “The key is combining rational and emotional arguments.” Right on. What Richardson and Mancabelli talk about in the “rational” and “emotional” viewpoints is covered in great detail in “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath. More power to them for applying this to the educational community.

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