Google +

I have no idea what this world is coming to.  🙂

First, there’s the “Interwebs” – that crazy thing that connects all of us with cables and phone lines together in a seemingly effortless way. Students and teachers alike now treat the Internet as another appendage, understanding that it truly is the fastest way to find information (there’s a few more steps to insure credibility, by the way).  Sites have popped up and are blocked by firewalls in districts in order to protect kids.

Then, there’s The Facebook, or as some of my more anti-Facebook friends call it, The FacePage. According to CNET, Facebook now has over 120 million users, and according to Wikipedia, in April 2010, 41.6% of the world’s population has a Facebook account (!).  Educators “in the know” know that students live on this site, and some of you have been able to incorporate Facebook as an instructional tool.  Districts far and wide have blocked Facebook, making it difficult to use it as a tool in school (and challenging for students to waste time on it during school hours).

Google continues to gain in presence and power, and they introduce this stuff with the Gmail and the calendar and the docs….oh my!  So many things Google has to offer!  Maybe someday an app from Google will be helping me manage my budget!  OH WAIT – THAT’S ALREADY TRUE!

Now, Google has come up with its own social networking site – Google + –  and has built it to encourage educators to jump in.  The blogger The Daring Librarian has even won a coveted place in the Google Teacher Academy, which joins together teachers from around the country to collaborate and learn more about what Google can do for them.  Here’s an article on Google + touting all of the cool stuff it can do with an emphasis on education.  Will you investigate?  Will you use it?  Will you move away from the FacePage to try it?  Will students jump in?
I’m very interested in hearing what you have to say. This seems to be the biggest tech thing since Pong (which was huge in my world). Chime in!


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2 Responses to Google +

  1. Interesting…Google Circles…I heard it first here. “MaggieCakes” spoke about Google + yesterday…you may want to check her out

  2. Georgette- I will check out MaggieCakes. This Google + thing has got me all spun up! 🙂

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