New Standardized Testing

Sounds like Secretary of Education Duncan is downright giddy about these standardized tests.  This article talks about the “new and improved” testing, and how it will make a difference in our education system.  Thoughts?  Is there ANY standardized testing that is good?

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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One Response to New Standardized Testing

  1. Tom Butler says:

    “Is there ANY standardized testing that is good?” Sure there is. It’s not the tests that are bad, it’s how the test results are used. Standardized test results can show student growth over time, compare a student or group of students to a national average, can identify ‘some’ weaknesses and strengths in curriculum/instruction. These are all within the parameters of a standardized tests. (OK, the last is stretching it a bit because “norms” are not “curriculum standards”, but ‘some’ weaknesses and strengths can be identified.)

    However, standardized tests were never intended to measure teacher performance (to do so would assume that all students are the same and that all teachers have the same skill set), or compare schools (see above), or if a school has made sufficient progress (against what standard?) to qualify for funding. And yet these measures/comparisons are what we see being published all the time. And we blame it on the tests!

    Good standardized testing is when the test results are being used for their intended purpose – to help improve student learning.

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