Mindset of the Class of 2015

Every year, Beloit College releases a “Mindset List” for the incoming first-year class.  It’s pretty informative for those of us who work with children, in recognizing that how we perceive things is very different from how our students do.

Here’s the list – what would you add?  Remember – these folks are 18 or 19 this year – they would have been born in 1993.

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3 Responses to Mindset of the Class of 2015

  1. I saw this reported on the nightly news this week. Change is constant.
    I remember using a picture of Kruschev as an example of “fat” in my foreign language class. Way back then I learned my idea of fat was different from my younger student’s version of fat. This example is obvious…you know already my insight that day in my 20’s…those kids didn’t even know who K was.

  2. Adam says:

    The list is an interesting idea. I’ve never given any thought to that idea that Ferris Bueller could be a father, Jim Carrey isn’t a Pet Detective? After I read this list I checked out the list from the year I was born (the 2006 list) and it was also really fun. I’m not really old enough to have a great appreciation for lists such as this, but I think lists such as these would be a lot of fun to watch over time.

  3. It’s fascinating, isn’t it, to gauge how far we’ve come, and to also see how things that once were SO important – aren’t so much anymore? If anything, I think it’s a great way to remember that we “geezers” have to remember to keep perspective (and so do the youngsters!).
    Thanks for reading!

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