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Outdoor Play

We played tag and climbed trees in a wooded area between our houses. We rode bikes all over town. We went to the city pool. I can’t think of many times when our days were planned out – we just got together and did whatever came to mind. All of this was outside. Continue reading

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State of the State – and the WORLD!

This past year, Learner’s Edge is proud and excited to have sold courses to fantastic teachers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, our teacher friends in the Armed Forces in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific, the US territories of Guam and Puerto Rico, and an awfully big handful of courses to teachers around the globe in countries such as: Cambodia, Oman, Finland, Honduras and South Africa! Continue reading

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Friending a Student

Google + is looking better and better: you can keep different sets of “friends” separate, and comments don’t automatically go out to everyone. This is a fantastic social networking tool for teachers. Might not be a bad thing for my former students to look into as well. Continue reading

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Questions are good.

But, as many educators know, questioning is something that opens important thought processes and can lead to deeper learning. Continue reading

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To Err is Human…

All of those mistakes have (except for the hairstyles) made me wiser and more informed. In fact, I would guess that many adults I know (and many of you I don’t) would attest that mistakes, actually, make us smarter. Continue reading

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“Teacher Leadership”

Turns out – I was a much better teacher once I shifted my focus. I didn’t achieve that balance, and all of that involvement really didn’t get me any recognition, or “leadership” points. I still don’t know how to be actively involved in a school community without a personal life suffering, which is why I needed to leave teaching. Continue reading

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Training for Tradeable Jobs

Seth Godin reminds us, in his blog post, Back to (the Wrong) School, our education system was set up with particular goals in mind (at the time) – to better educate students on how to take direction, so they could be better industrial workers. Continue reading

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