Local Lunches

I continuously get inspired by schools trying their best to serve healthy food to students, and I get downright giddy when schools choose local food.

This article, from the MetroWest Daily News, talks about a district that is shifting the way school lunch is produced – and Sysco isn’t going to be a huge fan of it.

My only side comment has to do with the guy in the article who is grumpy because the school removed the vending machines that paid for some of the healthy eating.  He started a veggie garden at the high school, but he’s upset at the slashing of funding.  Ok, I get that it hurts to have your funding slashed.   But, this begs the question: isn’t having vending machines, with all of the junk that is in them, counterproductive to the healthy-local-better lunches concept?  Isn’t this what “irony” means?

Are any of your schools jumping on the healthy eating train?  We want to hear about it!

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