Training for Tradeable Jobs

Seth Godin reminds us, in his blog post, Back to (the Wrong) School, our education system was set up with particular goals in mind (at the time) – to better educate students on how to take direction, so they could be better industrial workers.  I find this interesting – as I know how many times I have seen evidence of this in classrooms around the country.  Godin even mentions standardized testing, which always is a hot button issue for me as an inaccurate measure of what kids can do.

So, how do we shoot higher than this?  Can we make factory jobs more creative, and tao into workers’ gifts and talents?  How do we educate students to be active  and creative contributors in their workplace?  Does our universal, public education need an overhauling?  Or do we continue to do things as we have been – with the hope that we will still progress as a nation?

Lots of questions with Godin’s post.  What do you think?

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