Questions are good.

Some questions are inappropriate:

  • When’s your baby due?
  • How old are you?
  • You paid THAT MUCH  for THAT?

Some questions aren’t really questions:

  • Are you really going to wear that?
  • Did you mean for your hair to look like that?
  • Were you ever going to pick up your socks?

and some questions are DESIGNED to get under your skin:

  • What are we supposed to do?
  • Did we do anything yesterday?
  • Wait….what?

But, as many educators know, questioning is something that opens important thought processes and can lead to deeper learning.  This post from the Harvard Education Letter discusses the merits of getting students to ask their own questions, and how inquiry can be a fantastic springboard to better understanding.

What do you think? (Get it?  I was asking you a question!)

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3 Responses to Questions are good.

  1. Among my favorite quotes on a page in my blog: “Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers. ”
    Rainer Maria Rilke

  2. One of the elements of an online course I teach are the discussion boards. I require students to post questions and answers…not just answers to my questions. They answer each other’s questions and post their own. How can students learn “inquiry” if they don’t practice asking? Love it, love it, love it!
    Inquiry comes before expression.

    • The Rilke quote is one of my top 5 favorite quotes, Georgette!
      I always found that students needed practice in asking questions – they tended to stay at the very lowest level of thinking, and rarely got up to the “philosopher” (which is what I termed it for them) level. Once they understood that it was about them getting to the root of a problem, they were more willing to take risks with their questioning.

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