To Stump My Son

Jenny and her very smart son

Guest Blogger Jenny Oelkers,  also known in the office as “Mean Jenny,” falls asleep during movies all the time, has no rhythm and simply loves being a mom.  She works on marketing and public relations  for Learner’s Edge.

Don’t invite me to a cocktail party; I’m a bore.

My 13-year-old son asked me the other day to tell him something he didn’t already know. He wasn’t asking in a smart aleck way. He just knows he is pretty smart, and he has a mind like a steel trap, quite unlike my sieve-like brain.

It sounded like a challenge, and I do love challenges…but let me say, I sat there somewhat dumbfounded.  I got decent grades in school, I knew how to study, but I was just not sure where I could really share something that was new to him.  I knew he had me on basically every war fact imaginable.  Sports trivia – hands down, he has me beat. He even has a pretty good sense of today’s political and current events.   I pulled out an 80’s fact – I mean, he wasn’t even born until the late 90’s –

“What sport did Andre Agassi play?”

“Come on mom, didn’t he just write an autobiography? He was a tennis player.”

Stumped again.  Forgot about all the reading my son does.  The kid’s good.

The only thing I could come up with?  Some facts on babies. Seriously.  He has no real interest in babies and I lived it not too long ago.  Nothing about how babies grow, or their development, either.  All I could come up with was,

“What is baby poo is called when babies are first born?”

Yes, I know – disgusting. Of course, meconium.  It worked, though…I stumped (and repulsed) my son, but mine was a tainted victory, if you could even call it that.

So when do all those fantastic facts that you learn in school start falling out of your brain like water through a colander?  Or, perhaps a better question, how do you retain all those amazing facts that you learn throughout your life?  I just had a “monumental” birthday and now I can’t discern whether I actually know a fact or if it is something I just imagined. Maybe I will start ingesting large amounts of gingko biloba, perhaps start reading The New Yorker and listening to NPR religiously…or maybe I will just stop going to cocktail parties and spend much more time listening to my smart, witty son and letting him tell me about all the amazing things he is learning in school.   Maybe there’s room for both?

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One Response to To Stump My Son

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice blog, Jenny. And, phooey on the M.J. nickname. You don’t fool me.

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