Falling into Beauty

Guest Blogger Karin is the Office Manager at Learner’s Edge, and truly knows everything. She’s addicted to HGTV, DIY Network and home improvement projects in general, she loves fishing, hunting and the outdoors, and she owns a Standard Poodle (but let’s be honest…most people wouldn’t admit this).

I’ve been thinking about fall.  Not just any fall – but this particular fall.

So many Minnesotans love fall.  It’s their favorite season.  Mine has always been spring.  I love to watch the ‘death’ that winter brings come back to life.  The re-birth of all things living – just dormant.  The early show of the crocus and other flowers that can grow up through the snow.  AAhhh…spring.  The pre-cursor to summer.

Usually for me, fall is a pre-cursor to, yep, you thought it – SNOW.  The big 4-letter word here in MN that we don’t toss around unless it’s actually happening.

However, this fall is turning out to be different for some reason.    Maybe I’m learning to see the good in all of the seasons.  Maybe I’m just getting older (I like the first reason better).

This is the first time in my 20+ years of living in this state that I can actually say – “it’s been a BEAUTIFUL fall.” The leaves are turning slowly, instead of one day – green, the next day – yellow, red, orange, the next day – gone.

I have been watching the leaves gradually change for almost 2 weeks.  My flowers that can tolerate the cool evenings are still in full bloom.  The temperatures have been consistently tolerable.  Not too hot, not too cold.  My windows have been cracked for almost a month to allow for fresh air without freezing me out or forcing me to turn the heat on.  This has allowed for evening fires with friends and neighbors, early evening walks and bike rides.  Motorcycles ( I wish I had one and knew how to drive it) are out in abundance.  JEALOUS!!

I know it’s boring to talk about the weather, and it usually means that you have nothing else to talk about it.  But this fall, it’s worth talking about.  It’s been amazing!  Now, if we can just get 2 more months of this – I say – “LET IT SNOW!”  It is Minnesota after all and we can’t avoid the inevitable forever.  Just hoping that fall hangs in for a little bit longer.

If you haven’t noticed the trees and the beauty that this fall has brought, stop and take a moment to enjoy the scenery.  It will probably make us a bit more tolerant of winter.

Or not…

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