My Educator’s Christmas List

I’m dizzy with snowmen, Santas and sleds.  My eyeballs are straining from glitter and flashy, shiny things.  I just got back from shopping.  Wowza- there is a lot (A LOT) of holiday stuff out there.  I’ve mentioned in other posts how much I eschew shopping, but doing it today made me think that I should write some sort of Holiday wish list.  Something concrete and clear, in case someone happens to be reading this blog and wants to, you know, make something happen.

The Chalk Blog Holiday List
1.  That teachers be valued as the professionals they are, and that teaching continues to attract bright, innovative and global thinkers.
2.  That children everywhere are infused with a lifelong love of learning.
3.   That the general public, particularly in the United States, respects and honors the committment of teachers for the betterment of our society.
4.  That technology, materials and safe spaces and structures are available for all who wish to learn in a school.
5.  That society, particularly politicians, trust that some important outcomes simply cannot be measured, and that there are both/and approaches to assessment and evaluation.
6.  That all children, everywhere have enough clean water, nutrition, strength and shelter to thrive.
7.  That educators are appropriately compensated for their work.
8.  That the unknown becomes something to embrace, rather than to flee.
9.  That people, especially children, learn to see that life is something to be celebrated and cherished rather than to be endured.
10.  That folks believe that all of the above are possible.

Happy Holidays,

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