Christmas Will Come

Susie**Repost – this was so wonderful and timely when Susie first wrote it…it’s worth sharing again.  -DHB

Guest Blogger Susanne Deitermann is the Director of Evaluation and Assessment at The Edge, and has been with us for four years.  She is an avid fitness enthusiast, and loves good movies, books, and snacks.

For my family, Christmas will be different this year.
Yes, Christmas will be different this year.
But, Christmas will come.

Each year, as I take out my Christmas decorations, I am reminded of my own childhood Christmases…

I remember the year our Christmas tree was so dry, the needles fell to the carpeting, instigated by the breeze created when I swooshed by, oblivious to what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ to make my Christmas magical.

I remember Santa (I found out years later it was my Uncle Don) his Santa suit covered in snow, surprising my cousin Lori and I by delivering our “Baby First Steps” to the front porch of our little blue house — and later, my brother renaming mine “Baby Last Step” as he rigged her up to tumble to the floor–from the kitchen counter.

I remember my grandmas, aunts, and mom all in their aprons–generations of women crowded into the kitchen– washing and drying the dishes (who knew that washing dishes would become one of my favorite childhood memories–listen up kids!) sharing stories and laughter, the lutefisk, lefse, and Lingonberries safely put away in the ‘fridge.

I remember Lori and I, as the youngest and the only girls, organizing the gifts into piles and delivering them to the name on the tag—creating little mini-piles at the feet of each of our family members.

I remember grandpa, every time it was his turn to open a gift—exclaiming “it’s the fruitcake!”

Yes, I remember the excitement and anticipation of Christmas.

Yet, as I have grown older, I began to realize that Christmas had become something else.

Instead of excitement and anticipation, Christmas had become plain old anxiety producing work.

Christmas became pressure–pressure I put on myself for insisting that we…

go to church
celebrate the season with extended family
make it to all of the Christmas parties
create a Christmas card
put lights up
purchase the ‘right’ gifts
decorate the tree
make cookies
wrap the gifts
see Santa…well, you get the idea…

The perspective of age has taught me that Christmas will come.  Even if my list is not achieved.

And some years, like this year for my family, it may look different than it has in years past.

But, either way, Christmas will come, and in many ways it will be the same.

We will be together, we will wake up slowly.
We will eat, light candles, relax, sing, laugh, be silly, and pray.

Yes.  Christmas will be different this year.

But, Christmas will come.

Merry Christmas!

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