Edge Pets


Hi, My name is Tucker and I’m the office dog. I’m a Lab Aussie mix.

There was one other office dog, Forest, who came before me. I know everyone misses Forest, and she’s “big paws to fill,” but I am thankful for Forest because she paved the way for me to become the next office dog.

There are other dog lovers/owners here, too. Here’s is what the owners/dog lovers have to say about their dogs (I think it’s funny what people say about us).

Me: Tucker (Kyle)


Hurley (Dawn) : Hurley is an Australian Sheep Dog/Border Collie cross. 🙂 He’s a Humane Society Dog, and as sweet as they come – a gentle giant at 65lbs. When we met him, his name was “Sport,” and his muscles were pretty weak from non-use.  We had to teach him how to walk on a leash and how to play, even though he was 2 years old when he became part of our family.  Hurley likes to prance, and his eyes actually sparkle when he wants to play.  He has a love-annoyed relationship with our 21 month old son, but they are getting to be really good friends.  He loves coming in the office, because everyone likes to pet him, and Tucker is his buddy.


Major and Jett (Julie) :Major is a male, Yellow Lab, 7 ½


years old, Jett is a female, Lab/Border Collie,  2 years old, Both naughty and sweet.



Raven  (John): Black Lab.  Raven was born on the 4th of July!   She is our third Lab….and was a rebound dog for us after Bailey was killed by a car.  She was just what we needed. She will be six this summer. She loves to swim at the lake… and is great around the little kids. She lives a dog’s life…sleeping most of the day.


Cassidy (Susanne):  Cassidy was my black lab growing up.  We spent a lot of time at Lake Harriet together and we played a lot of Frisbee. One Sunday, my mom put a 7 lb ham out to thaw while we went to church.  When we got home, all that was left was the plastic wrap.  She was thirsty for weeks.  Even though she was kind of a pig, we loved her like crazy.  Someday, I’ll get another lab, but for now, my backup is Acey, my friend’s dog.

Duffus (Kari): With the exception of finding a home with our family, Duffus didn’t have a lot of luck.  We were able to figure out that Duffus was deaf, and later, after being struck by a car, was blind in one eye. Duffus lived a long, and interesting life, eventually wandering off into the woods on our farm, and not coming back.  RIP Duffus.

Molly (Deb): 10 years old –Golden Retriever.  She loves our cat Reggie who looks up to her with great respect.  I think Reggie thinks he is a dog because of Molly’s influence.  Molly loves people and loves to greet all other dogs that walk by…or those that are staying nicely in their own yard!  Until a couple of years ago, she loved  to swim with the ducks/geese in the pond behind our house. Either she has gotten too old for that, or she figured out that they don’t really want to play. 🙂  Probably her favorite place to visit is the family hobby farm (Grandma’s).  It provides her with 160 acres of woods and grassy fields to run on as well as 4-wheelers and John Deere gators to run with, and lots and lots of squirrels and bunnies to chase.  The farm is her Heaven!

Bailey (Teresa):  My dog was a German Shepherd and her name was Bailey. She loved to watch TV when there were animals on.  She was smart and had a vocabulary comparable to a 3 year old.  In her prime, she could jump a 6 foot fence!  Our family was so sad when she passed.  We miss her and loved her dearly!

Max (Karin):  Standard Poodle. Max is just an all around great dog.  He loves car rides and walks.  He will sit in the kitchen and stare at the cupboard where his treats are for hours if I didn’t say something to him or get him a treat.  He’s quiet – but persistent.  He’s very protective.  He loves to run and would chase a squirrel for miles if he could.  Not sure what he’d do if he caught it but he sure loves to try. He can catch a Frisbee in the air and, although he is 7 years old, is still unsure of stepping in water and has never been in a lake.  He does love sitting on the boat and being on the water, just not IN it.

Other dogs in the office: Wendy has Jeter (Golden Doodle), Tamie has Bear (Lab/Springer Mix), and Joe has Dash(Miniature Dachshund)


Between the 14 people who work here at the Edge, there are 17 of us dogs.

The best part of my day is when I am greeted by each person and they pet me or give me a treat.  They always say hello to me “Hi Tucker!” “Hey Tuck, what’s up buddy?” “Tucker!!!” and my favorite “Oh, Tucker come here…” (treats, attention, and a belly rub).

There’s a lot that goes on here, and my knee high perspective teaches me a lot. Mostly, what I see is people writing, talking, creating, learning, collaborating, responding to emails, answering phones, and helping teachers to be the best they can be. Although people are working hard, there is also a lot of jovial banter and creativity that takes place.

When I’m not walking around the offices and saying hello to everyone, my favorite spots are under Kyle’s desk and the kitchen (especially during the Holidays).

I am especially happy when I hear laughter.  I hear laughter a lot.

I hope I help morale by hanging out at the Edge. It sure helps me feel like a part of the team and it beats staying at home all day.  Thanks for letting me hang out w/ all of you at the Edge, and for the attention, the love, and the treats.

And, to all of you teachers with pets: dogs, cats, birds, chickens…the people here at the Edge thank you for taking their courses.  For people, they really are pretty cool.
Have a fun-filled summer!

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