Little Notes–Big Connections

Welcome guest blogger, Barb Istas.  Barb is an accomplished MN teacher and writer, with her own blog,
Yesterday after the final bell, I found a note on my desk. It was hidden underneath a pile of spelling papers, folded with my name written in hot pink ink. Uncovering the note brought an instant smile to my face and warmed my tired teacher heart. Before I even opened it, I knew it was going to be something sweet.

Getting notes from my students is absolutely one of my favorite things, a lovely and precious job perk. Because I teach and preach the power of writing all day long, it makes me giddy when students choose to open up their hearts and put their appreciation into words.

This little note lifted my spirits with several cute comments, but one compliment in particular caught my attention and made me think: “Thank you for not having favorites, for always paying attention to me just the same as everybody else.”

Wow, this note had some depth. Being fair and trying to connect with each kid, to build a relationship with every child on my roster, is something I take very seriously. I took this comment in, re-evaluated my teacher skills, and let it sit for a minute in my heart.

Later on that evening, I sat down with a pen and wrote a note back. I shared my gratitude for her words, and praised her a little more for some of her other strengths, (including her glittery nail polish). Encouragement comes in many forms, but a little note can go a long way in anybody’s education.

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