Psst…I’m a New Teacher

Some experiences fade after a while: childbirth, a well-cooked meal, first love…but nothing sits so prominently in the mind of most teachers as his or her First Year of Teaching:
• The kids
• The curriculum
• The feelings of elation and exhaustion
• The colleagues
• The constant motion of LEARNING.

Not unlike the timeless “uphill and both ways” scenarios we’ve all heard, upon reflection of their First Year, teachers often remember the general state of “lost.”

Some First Year Teachers are given a strong mentor, a walk-in-and-teach-it curriculum, and space to really establish their space and their practice; however sometimes, the bright, energetic and thoughtful people who dream of making a difference through teaching are faced with lists of unknowns, and are often at a loss when it comes to who to ask, what to ask, and how to manage. It’s a tough spot, to be sure.  But never fear, we are here for you!

Learner’s Edge teachers vividly remember our First Year, and want to make sure that First Year Teachers can experience all the great and powerful learning opportunities that organically happen in the First Year.

So, we have established a few pieces that will help: our new teacher community (NTC):  Pssst….I’m a New Teacher,  a free tutorial on the NTC based on the text, The New Teacher Book, and a free Toolkit o’ Fun.

Psst….I’m a New Teacher is especially for First Year Teachers: a place to interact with peer and mentor teachers, and to learn about new and exciting resources that can be used NOW.
• The Toolkit o’ Fun is to thank First Year Teachers for joining one of the most important professions in the world, and to give you some free goodies! Included is The New Teacher Book which will appeal to every New Teacher – from kindergarten to high school, and is a resource for our free online tutorial. You’ll find the toolkit and many other resources on the Psst….I’m a New Teacher site!

The blessing and the curse of teaching is that it is one of the most personal investments one can make: it tugs at the heart, pushes the brain, and challenges the self in a multitude of ways. We are elated about all that we are able to offer the First Year Teachers so that they feel supported, affirmed, and ready to dive in.

Please check out the site and invite your First Year Teacher colleagues to join!

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One Response to Psst…I’m a New Teacher

  1. 39 years later…I still remember my first day. It was a good one.

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