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What are you reading?

Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.
Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Want to increase your feelings of success? Dweck explores the power of our mindset through the areas of leadership, love and parenting. Get to know yourself and your frame of mind by reading this text. Continue reading

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Once I know that I can do something with even a little bit of flair or success, I want to try it again and again. This is the practice that leads to skill and success – in anything!

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Reading Edge-Style

Although it seems like it, we’re not always working our tails off – some folks here at The Edge like to unwind with a good read. Continue reading

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Beauty of Books

One day, my 6 and 8 year old daughters and I found ourselves boarding a plane to visit friends in Florida. Before they allowed me to put their backpacks under the seats, each of them requested their books. As the plane taxied away from the gate, I looked over to find them…reading.

I was happy.

I am happy.

They are readers. Continue reading

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Autobiography T-Shirt

What better way to display writing in an “authentic task” format than on a t-shirt that your students can wear to show off their writing skills? Continue reading

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Freedom of the Written Word

Our translator challenged, “How do we know you can read?” All of the teachers were embarrassed, and felt that he was being disrespectful. We didn’t need proof- we heard the answers, we saw honesty and strength in their eyes. But one older woman rose to her bare feet in the humid, dusty room, stood amongst her female counterparts, and in Santhal calmly replied, “Give me a book and I will show you.” Continue reading

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